American City Nicknames According To Twitter

June 16, 2011


Note: Much larger version HERE in case you're having trouble making out all of the "America's Buttholes".

This is a U.S. map showing major U.S. cities and their most popular nicknames as calculated via geotagged tweets. They're, uh, all pretty bad. I can see now why people think it's cool to name their children such ridiculous shit. "You know kids named Such Ridiculous Shit?!" No, but I did know a dog once named Butt Tongue McPartycrasher. Don't ask.
Dammit, I thought you'd still ask.
"Why Butt Tongue McPartycrasher?"
No no no -- it's too late now.

American City Names According To Twitter [laugingsquid]

Thanks to Jason, who, I'll never telllllllllllllll.

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