#2 With A Coke: Burgers Made From Doodoo

June 16, 2011


You hear that? That was the Hamburglar swearing off his life of crime.

Seen here looking waaaaay too happy to be holding a bowl of shit, scientist Mitsyuki Ikeda shows off his hamburger patties made from buttmud. Actually human doodoo, yo. The dude's sick. Granted, I eat on the can -- but not out of it!

...the Japanese extracted protein from human poop, mixed it with soya, added steak sauce and called it hamburger patties.

Ikeda, to his credit, created these poop burgers in an effort to be resourceful and recycle human waste. He realized if he could use "sewage mud"...to formulate his burgers he could be completely efficient. Right now the burgers cost 10-20 times of regular meat because it factors in his research costs...

Wow, made from shit AND 20x the cost of a normal burger? I guess we'll only be seeing these at the finer restaurants! "Like Golden Corral?" Exactly like Golden Corral.

Oh I'm sorry, you thought this was a joke? Hit the jump for a news report video. But, WARNING: does contain footage of dude taking a big 'ol bite of a turdburger.

Would You Eat a Burger Made from Poop? [gizmodo]

Thanks to ToeJam and Earl messiahcorps and Michael, who refuse to order a #2 combo from anywhere ever again.

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