Zelda/BTTF Mashup: 'A Link To The Future'

May 27, 2011


Note: Video has some cussin'.

Ever wanted to see a fan-film combining one of the best video game franchises of all time with one of of the best movies of all time to produce a mediocre short? Well you're in luck, because this is that! I just hope you didn't waste one of three genie wishes on making it happen though, because you might be disappointed. Ooooooor about to get knocked the f*** out and the lamp stolen. Per the synopsis:

Shortly after the events of Ocarina of Time, Doc Brown tells Link he must travel back to time, chronicling the Legend of Zelda series in the ultimate timeline. Will Link survive his heroic quest? Spoiler alert: No.

Wait -- Link dies?! WUH TEH FUH! That is sooooooo not cash. That is not even coins, that is dryer lint and candy wrappers. Which, unfortunate fact: a grocery store cashier will not take in exchange for a steak. Not even if its a Indian star Tootsie Pop wrapper. DAMMIT LADY -- IN CANDYLAND THIS IS LIKE A MILLION DOLLARS! "This isn't Candyland." Fine, FINE. Trade me a pork chop for a half-eaten Ring Pop?

Hit the jump for over five minutes of huh?

A Link to the Past (and the Future, and Then Further in the Future, Then an Alternate Present, and...) [toplessrobot]

Thanks to Erin, sabbo and Austin, who don't want to go back to anywhere except bed. Hey -- same here.

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