You're Taking Me For My Next Unbirthday!: An Alice In Wonderland Themed Restaurant

May 4, 2011


'Cause you can get anything you want at Alice's Restaur-- no? Wrong Alice? Woopsie doopsie.

This is a shot from 'Alice of Magic World', an Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant in Tokyo they should have just named 'Alice in Wonderland' because I'm pretty sure the copyright is in the public domain now. Anyway, I plan on going for my next unbirthday/tea party and hoping for some of those 'eat me' cakes so I can grow all big. And not just because I've always been picked on for being small, but I do have to use a step-stool to reach the toilet. "Then what do you do in public?" Take a guess. "Pee on the floor?" F***in' soak it.

Hit the jump for a bunch more of the wonderland. Sorry, no bathroom shots.







Check Out This 'Alice In Wonderland' Themed Restaurant! [mtvgeek]

Thanks to Brenda, who chugged a whole bottle of that 'drink me' juice and is now fighting off an ant colony.

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