You're So Dumb It Pains Me: Facebook Users That Think The Onion's Articles Are Real

May 27, 2011


Because there aren't enough trolls on the internet already, some of the dumber Facebook users are actually forced to troll themselves from time to time (read: all the time, always). Thankfully, for those of us that aren't ashamed to laugh at humanity's spiraling downfall, 'Literally Unbelievable' is a blog that documents these gems of human sadness. Basically it goes like this: somebody links to an article from The Onion (A GIANT SATIRICAL NEWS ORGANIZATION) believing it's real, along with an expression of their outrage (usually in the form of misspelled drivel), then a bunch of other idiots jump on the dumbf*** bandwagon as it goes careening down a mountain. It's great. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me put a gun in my mouth.

Literally Unbelievable on Tumblr

Thanks to April (O'Neil?!?!) and Stegosoreass *wink*, who don't believe everything they read unless it's on Geekologie because I'd never lie to you. I HAVE TO PAY FOR AN EXTRA SEAT ON AIRPLANES JUST FOR MY PECKER.

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