You're Cookin' My Meat!: The R2-D2 Smoker

May 16, 2011


Well done. Get it?! Like meat, yo!

This is a meat smoker ("just like you, GW!") designed and built to look like R2-D2 by Philip Wise (you're smart -- how do magnets work?). The droid was constructed out of an old 55-gallon drum and comes with everything you need to smoke a rack of tauntaun, including, but not just limited to: multiple temperature gauges, a beer bottle opener, and, a feature previously only seen on the Death Star -- thermal exhaust ports. Just don't go trying to stick your proton torpedo in one! "Why not?" Oh I don't know, maybe because he'll bu...actually -- go for it, champ. "AYOWYOWYOWYOWYOWYOWYOW!" Well -- what did you learn? "He wasn't into it. Don't think he's gay like C3PO."

R2-D2 Smoker: May the (BBQ) Sauce Be With You [technabob]

Thanks to dax, who's allegedly tried Ewok before. Like eating or sexually?

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