You Purty!: Stained Glass Boba Fett Lamp

May 19, 2011


Fett there be light! Get it?! Because I'm afraid of the Dark Side.

This is stained glass lamp (not a smoking pipe) of Boba Fett's helmet made by DeviantARTist mclanesmemories (Michael McLane). Personally, I think it's amazing, but I'm also a sucker for stained glass. You know why? Because I like to lick the lead strips they use to hold the pieces together. It's what makes me special. "You mean retarded." Special. "Retarded." Special. "Retarded." Retarded. "Spe-- retarded." Dammit that usually works! Well, at least on the people I usually hang out with. "Children?" Would you believe I work at a daycare?!

Hit the jump to see the lamp lit up from all angles.





Michael's DeviantART
Geek Decor: Handmade Boba Fett Tiffany Style Stained Glass Lamp [igeektrooper]

Thanks to Midna, who, OMG -- from 'Twilight Princess'?! Sign my bald spot?

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