You Have Got To Be #@&%in' Kidding Me: Woman Shows Off World's Largest Knockers

May 13, 2011


Yes, that is under-boob.

Seen here SITTING ON A F***IN' TANK WITH A CANNON BETWEEN HER LEGS (possibly two!), Chelsea Charms (not to be confused with Lucky Charms, which have way fewer artificial ingredients) shows off her 'world's largest' 164XXX sized mammaries. Pfft,that's not even a real size. Real disgusting, yes.

Chelsea did admit to Pip and Ruth Langsford that she does struggle, particularly squeezing into aeroplane toilets. She also admitted 'Itsy and Bitsy' as she lovingly calls them, often prove a bit of an obstruction and she has trouble reaching the dinner table over them.

WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?! "WTF is wrong with her?! WTF is wrong with you, GW?" Oh I dunno, MAYBE I'M NOT INTO TITS BIGGER THAN YOGA BALLS?! Can you even imagine the nipples on those things? Man-hole covers, yo. I wouldn't be surprised if Ninja Turtles climbed out.

Hit the jump for a couple more CANNOT BE UNSEEN uncensored pics (still in a bikini -- somebody PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me those aren't veins poking through her top). Also note: searching 'Chelsea Charms' in Google Images with the adult filter off will destroy your eyeballs. Not even kidding -- thank God I can type without looking.



God, your nipple's practically in your armpit!


Sadly, the shadows are all right.

WTF?! The woman with the world's biggest boobs appears on This Morning [heatworld]

Thanks to Gary T, who knows important news when he sees it it threatens him with permanent blindness.

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