You Dun Goofed!: New York Times Prints Nerdiest Correction In The History Of Time

May 9, 2011


Note: Unsurprisingly 'Lord of the Rings' related.

Some geek (who probably shat a Hobbit after reading the original article) felt it his One Ring given duty to write The New York Times and set them straight on the utter embarrassment of their sword-confusing ways. I'd be tempted to say it was this guy, but there is no way in f*** he's ever read a sports page. Singles ads, yes.

The New York Times Makes The Nerdiest Correction Ever [buzzfeed]

Thanks to adam, Melissa and FLC, who -- Razoredge Skullsplitter? Pleaaaaaaase. That wasn't Gimli's axe you morons -- that was Choadi the Dwarf King's from the non-canon fan fiction series! I swear, some people.

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