You Don't Know Me!: Censor Bar Sunglasses

May 17, 2011


Having trouble with the paparazzi? I can tell, your "I'm kind of a big deal" t-shirt gave it away. Kidding, but it is giving way to your stomach and your belly button's staring at me. I said make it stop! Anyway, paparazzi censor-bar sunglasses: now you'll never be able to prove it's my penis in all those pictures. "What about the 'Geekologie Writer' hat the guy's wearing?" I told you -- it was stolen when my car was broken into! Damn that guy is handsome though, isn't he? I'd do me. Him -- I meant him.

Embarrassing Photo Protective Sunglasses [designyoutrust]

Thanks to Marcia, who wears a tinted motorcycle helmet instead because haters gonna hate (and throw rocks).

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