You Crushed The Eggs!: Grocery Bagging Bot

May 16, 2011


He poisoned my bananas, I saw him!

This is a video of a PR2 robot that's been programmed to scan and bag groceries. Except he doesn't so much bag them as toss them around haphazardly after spending a minute or two staring at each one (GOD, IT'S APRICOT FACIAL SCRUB -- PUT IT IN THE BAG ALREADY!). Even with the video sped up 10x-30x it still takes sped-bot almost two minutes to bag five items, making him far less efficient than the simpleton at my local grocer who can't even manage to not smash the shit out of my bread under a carton of OJ. What in the -- NOW HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO MAKE SANDWICHES WITH THAT?! "My manager says I can buy fish sticks at cost." Good for you, now about my bread. "If I clean my plate I get a Fruit-Roll up."

Hit the jump for a video of Captain Paper or Plastic in action.

A robot ready to replace your grocery store's cashier and bagger [dvice]

Thanks to bradley, who likes to bag his own groceries because he wants as few people as possible handling his food. Hey, I'm with you (I once saw an employee not wash his hands after pissing and go straight back to stocking vegetables).

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