X-Muppets: First Class Seventh Period

May 21, 2011


So -- anybody get Raptured? My roommate actually disappeared but so did my wallet and there's vomit in the hallway so I assume he's just on a bender. Still, can't say I'd miss him if he were gone for good. This is a picture of Animal as Wolverine and Beaker as Cyclops by DeviantARTist Rahzzah. It reminds of the picture I drew of Miss Piggy as Rogue. That shit was mad sexy. No, no it wasn't. But it was drawn in crayon on my placemat at Denny's. My mom said if I ate all my pancakes I could get an ice cream. It wasn't easy! (I had to excuse myself to purge -- twice).

Rahzzah's DeviantART
Sweet Muppets/X-Men Mashup [albotas]

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