World's Most Useless Machine Gets Upgraded

May 10, 2011


The world's most useless machine (aka The Ultimate Machine designed by Claude Shannon) is the moniker given to a little robotic box that, when a toggle switch is pushed, opens the top of the box, and, with a little robotic finger, turns the toggle back to the original position. That's it, that's all it did. Aaaaaaaand now its been upgraded. And by upgraded I mean become sentient. Just watch the video and you'll see what I mean. But skip to 0:40 unless you want to watch forty seconds of the box in it's original mode, which you probably don't unless you're on the john right now and bored out of your b-hole. Which, SPOILER: so am I. Haha, is this your shoe I'm tapping?

Hit the jump for the uh-oh in action (click now and we'll throw in a second LEGO version FREE OF CHARGE!)


Thanks to emm jay and Mr. Sausage, who agree the most useless machine is actually the electric can opener. PFFT, WHATEVER -- CHEF BOYARDEE MAKES HIS CANS TOUGH.

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