When Hollywood Meets Mancave: Video Game Movies, The Informational Graphic

May 25, 2011


Note: This is nowhere near the whole graphic, click RIGHT HERE DO IT NOW to see the entire graphic and getcha swerve learn on.

This is an informational graphic all about video games that were made into movies (not just fan-films, although usually those are better). Sadly, Rygar, Metroid and Kid Icarus aren't mentioned, which is a shame because those would all be awesome to see on the big screen. Well, in my mind anyways. Also in my mind: the not unseeable picture a fan sent me of 'GEEKOLOGIE RULEZ' Sharpie'd down his wiener. It....was long. *restores from Recycle Bin, looks again* Gettin' mad jelly over here.

What Is The #1 Video Game Movie of All Time? [ign]

Thanks to the enigma, who's a waste of time trying to get to know. Seriously, we've talked like ten times and I don't know the first thing about him.

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