Well It's About Time!: Finally, A Decent Pair Of Mind-Controlled Cat Ears

May 7, 2011


Forget cat ears, I wanna know more about that hunk on the poster!

This is a pair of mind-controlled cat ears designed by Neurowear. Basically, when you're not concentrating (which is always for me), they lay down. When you focus, they perk up. If you try wrapping your head around how God could make me so handsome they catch fire and explode. Plus that gnarly vein in your forehead might pop. HOUSTON, WE HAVE A GUSHER.

Hit the jump for two videos, one a commercial, the second a bunch of people (plus children!) at a trade show demoing the things.

Japanese Mind-Controlled Cat Ears Erect and Flatten To Reflect Your Thoughts [popsci]

Thanks to Ktar, Brian, Kirawr and Clint, whose ears are never at rest because they're always thinking. Always thinking -- or took the batteries out when they were up?

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