Using The Force (Of Electricity): Industrial Robots Battling It Out With Lightsabers

May 12, 2011


Ever wanted to see two industrial robots swinging lightsabers at each other like some sort of futuristic mating ritual? Hey, as long as they both sever each other's arms off, I'm down. Amirite, Luke? High fi-- whoa, since when did you replace your mechanical hand with a hook? Not gonna lie, I'm digging the new space pirate look. How about a big ol' 'YAAAAAAAARR!' for all the Geekologie Readers out there? "AAAEEEEEGGGGHHH!!!" YOU SHUT THE F*** UP CHEWIE, NOBODY ASKED YOU! "Whoa -- easy on the Wookie, kid." HAN YOU STAY OUT OF THIS!

Hit the jump for a minute-and-a-half of 'move over, Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots!'


Industrial robots do Star Wars better than Lucas [engadget]

Thanks to spoon_platoon and tylertoney, who agree the only good robot duel ends in a double homicide.

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