'UNO' The Side-By-Side Wheeled Electric Motorcycle/Segway Is Now A Transformer

May 13, 2011


Remember UNO, the self-balancing motorcycle/Segway hybrid? We posted about it way back in April of '08. Don't be too hard on yourself if you don't remember, that was more than three years ago -- an eternity by butterfly standards. Well the latest incarnation, the UNO 3, is moving from prototype to actual development, and can be yours for a scant $5,000-$7,500. That's cheaper than than dinner at Applebee's! "What the?! I don't know what Applebee's you're going to but..." THE ONE ON THE MOON.

This transitioning design allows the Uno to be compact and nimble for weaving through traffic, bringing indoors and parking, while at the same time, having all the benefits of a conventional motorcycle at high-speed.

There's a worthwhile video after the jump showing the progression from the bike's early stages to its current development, which was pretty cool. It's even small enough to ride in an elevator! Plus it's all electric so you don't fume yourself to death riding in an elevator! Unless I'm in there and my lunch is disagreeing with me, in which case may God have mercy on your soul. What?! I'd try holding it but I heard it's bad for your butthole muscles!

Hit the jump for the video, the transformer trasformation I vidcapped goes down at 1:15.

UNO 3: The World's First Real Transformer [techeblog]

Thanks to chasi, who would never ride a real Transformer, except Bumblebee. Hoho, sounds like somebody has a crush!

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