Internet Trolls, The Informative Infographic

May 11, 2011


Note: Larger version HERE in case you want to print it out and masturbate to it or something. You people are sick.

Ever wondered what makes an internet troll tick? SPOILER: A heart two sizes too small. "I'm pretty sure that was the Grinch." I'M PRETTY SURE YOU SHOULD ONLY SPEAK WHEN SPOKEN TO, SO THERE. "But..." Tushé, I do love butts. "You mean touché?" GOD, WHY DO I EVEN TRY?! Anyway, I assume at least half of all Geekologie commenters fit this description. *perusing Geekologie comments* Did I say half? I meant three-quarters. Hahahahahahahahahaha, I just have to try and laugh it off because if I didn't *jams gun in mouth* YOU DID THIS TO ME.

Infographic: The Hard Knock Life of an Internet Troll [satisfaction]
Infographic: the hard knock life of an Internet troll [blameitonthevoices] (God I do but they won't stop! "Stab your neighbor." SEE?!)

Thanks to joe-bob the hippo, who may or may not have been one of the original Hungry Hungry Hippos (he wasn't -- they were Lizzie, Henry, Homer and Harry).

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