A Sawblade Slingshot: For Personal Injury

May 31, 2011


Because my job is as easy as following Youtube channels and posting the latest content (or "stealing everything from from Reddit/Stumbledupon" depending on which dumbf*** you ask), here's Slingshot Bear-Man or whatever the hell he calls himself shooting circular saw blades with a homemade slingshot. It bears little resemblance to the one David used to bring down Goliath, because that was just a sling, not a slingshot. "Like I had to wear after I broke my arm punching a hole through a mountain?!" No, that's a different kind of sling and we all know you broke it masturbating anyway. Stop lying, it isn't healthy (plus you could develop bedsores).

Hit the jump for the you better pray it doesn't backfire.

The Slingshot Channel
Mad Man Builds Mad Slingshot That Fires Mad Circular Sawblades [gizmodo]

Thanks to Zene, who once shot a sawblade after failing to properly attach it to the circular saw. Haha -- fingers, amirite? Super overrated.

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