Take A Wild Guess: How Many Spam Emails Does It Take To Sell $100 In Boner Pills?

May 27, 2011


That's right -- 12.5 million. Or just one sent to the right guy *wink*. But now researchers are convinced there's a way to drastically reduce (NOT add 4+ inches to) the amount of spam by convincing a few key banks to sever business ties with known spam-a-lama-ding-dongs.

A new research paper by a team of Californian computer scientists shows the way: According to their research on almost one billion messages, 95 of all credit card sales generated by spam mails are handled by three banks from Azerbaijan, Denmark and the West Indies.

That means that, if you get those banks to cut business with the illegal spammers--and chase any other financial institutions that may spring to take their position, I guess--then you will be able to kill the spam.

I don't know about you guys, but I actually don't mind spam. And I'm not just saying that because without it my inbox would never *ding!*, but it wouldn't and that would make me a sad bear. And you don't want me to be a sad bear, do you? "Couldn't care less, go play in traffic." Traffic -- or in the sewers like a ninja turtle?

How Many Spam Mails Does It Take to Sell $100 of Viagra? [gizmodo]

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