Super Mario World Guitar/Vocal Multitrack

May 23, 2011


Seen here conveniently screencapped to look like a headless guitar solo, two ghost bj's and a dirty secret being told, Youtubers Trudbol (vocals) & SongeLeReveur (guitar) combine their efforts on an acoustic medley of Super Mario Word ditties. It's actually pretty good, just not in a Geekologie Writerly kind of way. You see, I only sing one way and one way only: while smoking a cigar, chugging unfiltered whiskey (that shit's got chunks in it) and waving a gun around at anybody unfortunate enough to be caught in the shower with me.

♫ Bro I said loofah my back

or I'll lock you in here
then keep flushing the toilet
till it buuuuuuuuuuurns ♫

Hit the jump for the three part harmony or whatever.


Thanks to Julien, who may or may yes be the guy doing all the vocals which I didn't realize until I just reread the tip (ignore that whole blow-jay thing I wrote, I was just daydreaming).

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