Stussy's Still Around?: Stussy/Marvel Clothing

May 2, 2011


Stussy, a company best known for producing the jeans I wore in high school (JNCO too!) apparently didn't go under after I went off to college and started wearing khakis. Khakis, ha -- I've never even owned a pair! Capris, absolutely. Anyway, the company has teamed up with Marvel (read: paid licensing out the ass) for a new line which may or may not be sold exclusively at Target (my guess is yes but I'm also in shock the company still exists).

On April 27 [SO I'M A LITTLE SLOW], Stussy will be releasing Series One of the collaboration with the legendary Marvel Comics. Series One includes nine designs featuring some of Marvel's most iconic superheroes mixed with Stussy's iconic graphic language. Series Two will release on May 6 featuring nine guest artists interpreting their favorite characters from the Marvel Universe. Each purchase will include a limited edition pack of Stussy x Marvel trading cards, while supplies last.

So, how much would you pay for a Stussy/Marvel t-shirt? If you answered "not a dime over $20", sorry, because they're $36. FOR A T-SHIRT. Which, I'm proud to say, I've never paid for a shirt. OR SEX. Although I did give a handy to an usher once to sneak me into a movie. Huh? Oh, the second Pirates of the Caribbean.

Hit the jump for the rest, along with a promotional video and link to the official site.








Official Product Site
Marvel Comics x Stussy Series One Collection [hypebeast]

Thanks to FLOYDCHEUNG, who wants to know if they're preshrunk. Hey I'm with you -- I don't want Ghost Rider turning into a belly-shirt!

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