Small-Blocks: Cars 2 Trailer Rendered Entirely Out Of LEGO (With Bonus Functional 8MM Movie Projector Made From LEGO Technics!!)

May 19, 2011


Small-blocks, get it? Like the engines, yo!

This is the trailer for the upcoming sequel to Cars (cleverly entitled Cars 2), made in LEGO blocks by Patrick Boivin for Disney and Pixar. The original Cars (which came out in 2006) has the distinct honor of being the last movie I saw in the theater prior to breaking the dry spell in 2009 when I went to see Julie and Julia. That Meryl Streep is something, lemme tell you! The only thing I've seen since is Avatar. Yeah, you could probably consider me somewhat of a sinephile. "You mean cinephile?" What the -- are you f***ing dumb?! I just said I've seen three movies in five years! Sinning, I'm into sinning.

Hit the jump for the trailer, as well as a video of a functional Super-8mm movie projector made entirely out of LEGO Technics (minus the lens, reels and lamp).


Thanks to Metallisteve and chi chi, who -- one of you wanna drive me to the craft store? I lost my driving privileges and I need more construction paper for a collage I been working on.

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