Run For The Hills: A Ball-Catching Robot

May 2, 2011


Hit him in the eyes!

This is the Rollin' Justin. He can catch two balls thrown near him at the same time. Say hi to all the readers, Justin. "beep boop bzzt DESTROY." Oh shit!

...the robot is able to position itself within two centimeters of where it needs to be in a time window of only five milliseconds, which yields an impressive catch rate of better than 80 percent.

Admittedly, that's a pretty impressive catch rate. I'm probably more around 50%. Less than 10% with just my right hand. *dirty look* You're not even good at the mouse buttons!

A video of catchbot catching after the jump (with bonus making coffee footage!!!!11)

DLR's Rollin' Justin Catches Two Thrown Balls At Once [ieee]

Thanks to DONLAN, who agrees it should only be catching balls in its mouth.

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