'Roll A D6': D&D Themed 'Like A G6' Parody

May 5, 2011


I know a guy that'd give you $1 to sniff that pit.

This is a parody of that annoyingly get stuck in your head song 'Like a G6'. Except this one's all about D&D and not a twin-engine business aircraft. As you can see from the screenshots, there's a chick involved so all dudes are obligated to watch it. Then comment in the comments about how you'd do her/not do her until the womens start commenting about how she's not even that pretty/not a real nerd/they're way hotter/etc. etc. etc. What can I say, folks, ♫ It's the ciiiiiiiiiircle of liiiiiiiiiiiiiiife ♫ *holding up baby lion cub* "That's a dog wearing sunglasses." YOU SHUT THE F*** UP.

Hit the jump for the video (embedded via Youtube AND Vimeo!!!!)

Roll a D6 (Roll a G6 Parody) [nerdbastards]

Thanks to Mr. H, josh and Luke, who can't roll a D6 for shit. NO VEGAS FOR YOU.

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