Reading Is Fundamental: iPads, Now With More Playboy (Read: Every Issue EVAR)

May 19, 2011


Where was I in '72? Not even born yet, let alone staring at a bunch of jungle bush!

Playboy has just announced the roll-out (like Transformers! NOT like fruit snacks -- those roll up. Plus some gush!) of iPlayboy, a subscription service optimized for iPad viewing that grants a user access to every issue of Playboy ever published in its 57-year history (over 130,000 pages!). I imagine it was designed for those of you who keep an iPad on the back of your toilet. A subscription will set you back $8/month $60/year or $100/two years and is the perfect gift for your iPad owning father. However it is NOT the perfect gift for your iPad owning niece (sorry Kaitlyn -- that was my bad).

Official Site

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