Raising Architects: LEGO-Walled Kid's Room

May 26, 2011


The Big Bad Wolf laughs at your plastic walls!

I know I said LEGO in the headline, but they're actually DUPLO (LEGO's harder to swallow chubby lil sister). I only name-dropped LEGO because I knew it would draw you into this riveting article. Pretty titillating so far, amirite? "Needs work." Fine, FINE -- I'M CRANKING THIS POST UP TO LEVEL 11 IN 3...2...*CATASTROPHIC ENGINE FAILURE!* Too bad, maybe next time. This is a kid's room with the walls covered entirely in DUPLO base plates for the children to build off of. But, based on the height of the majority of the constructions, I'm guessing somebody's dad is actually the one having all the fun. And can you blame him? You cannot. You can make fun of his building skills though. WTF are those even supposed to be, bro?! You will never be an architect! Back me up here, Frank Lloyd Wright! Frank? Go ahead, whenever you're ready. "He's been dead over fifty years." GUGGENHEIM'D!

LEGO Duplo Walls: I Want My Whole Place Like This [technabob]

Thanks to Terri, who has Erector Set walls. That...sounds like poking an eye out just waiting to happen.

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