Putting The Art Back In Barista: More Froth Art

May 19, 2011


There not actually being an 'art' in 'barista' (unless you scramble the letters) aside, I just thought it sounded good. Kind of like hearing somebody say your name. "Dragonlord." Mmmm, music to my ears. This is a bunch of coffee froth art from Freemont Coffee Company and is far less satanic that last time's (from the same artist, photos by Chrissy May). Hit the jump to see Frank from Donnie Darko, Pikachu, Boba Fett and Darth Vader. Then, hit your your officemate and yell "punch buggy no punch backs!" while pointing at the Volkswagen beetle on your monitor. If there is no bug on your screen you did it wrong. Like, 200% wrong.

Hit it for the rest.





Chrissy May's Flickr (with some making-of shots as well)
Geek Coffee [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Alice, who likes her coffee how she likes the guy sitting across from her on the bus: not staring back.

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