Putting A Bunch Of Holes In Things At Once: The Slingshot Of Mass Destruction

May 9, 2011


Having a picnic? I'll bring the melon balls.

Remember Slingshot Guy? How could you forget, I think I'm developing a non-sexual (okay, MOSTLY non-sexual) man-crush on him. MOVE OVER MIKE ROWE aside, here he is with his latest slinger of shots, the 'slingshot of mass destruction'. This particular unit shoots six 20mm balls simultaneously (just like mine!) and will utterly destroy a melon or piece of wood (NOT just like mine). Unfortunately, there was no official zombie test, which is fairly critical in this day and age. You know what we need? Some cadavers. "But GW, where on earth will we get those?!" Elementary, my dear Watson Simpleton -- the old folks' home. Here's the plan: I'll drop you off out front with a wheelbarrow and air-horn. You run through blasting the horn and collecting the bodies as they fall. When your wheelbarrow's full, meet me out back. If I'm not there it was a setup and just wanted to get you arrested. See you in 10! *fishtails out of parking lot*

Hit the jump for a video of the destroyer of worlds melons.


Thanks to Jerria, who made a slingshot of mass effect. Whaaaaaaaat? LIKE SEX WITH ALIENS AND EVERYTHING?!

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