Probin' that Ass: Space Invader Foam Chairs

May 23, 2011


These are prototypical Space Invader chairs by artist collective Dorothy (OMG -- how much for your ruby slippers?!). They're made from cut foam and may or may yes feel a lot like sitting on the floor if you're as heavy as I am. Not sure if they're ever gonna actually manufacture the things, but you know what they say, "a snake in your hand isn't worth a push in the bush". Just kidding, they don't actually say that, despite it being 500% true. What they DO say is *shaking*...'it is decidedly so'. "Uh GW -- is THEY just a Magic 8-Ball?" The f***in' magicest!

Hit the jump for a ton of color options because who doesn't like rainbows?








Space Invader Chair [wearedorothy]

Thanks to Ross, who's never shied away from the opportunity to sit on an alien's face. YOU KINKIER THAN AN ALIEN QUEEN SNIFFIN' A PREDATOR'S CROTCH!

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