Pfft, If It's A REAL Emergency You'll Just Use Your Pants: The Japanese Emergency Toilet

May 26, 2011


This Japanese Emergency toilet may look like a man squatting in a trash bag in front of other people, but that's just because that's exactly what's happening. But -- BUT -- inside that privacy bag (which should also come with a masquerade mask IMHO) is another, smaller bag containing some sort of weird absorbent pills that soak up all your urine and doodle water and turn it into some sort of disgusting, gelatinous shit monster (video after the jump!). It's really not a very happy ending. Kind of like in the book I'm writing. SPOILER: Everyone dies.

Hit the jump for a deuce-droppin' demo.

Japanese Emergency Toilet Is Pretty Much Just Shitting in a Trash Bag [gizmodo]

Thanks to Harry, who claims to be able to shit anywhere. Me? I can't even pee if I'm not the only one in the bathroom.

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