I Don't Want A #@$%in' Cracker, I Want Power Pellets!: Pet Bird Sounds Exactly Like Pac-Man

May 9, 2011


You gobble those dots, Polly!

This is a short video of a cockatiel that can replicate the iconic sound of Pac-Man in the middle of a dot-gobbling spree (not to be confused with a shopping spree, which sounds like a buggy with a bad wheel being pushed as fast as it can). Now before you go calling it fake, I'll refer you to the David Attenborough video I also posted after the jump of a bird that can perfectly mimic the sounds of a camera, car alarm and chainsaw (skip to 1:45 for the action in that one). So yeah, I'm not calling it not fake, I'm just calling it 'possible'. And, just like the motivation poster above my desk clearly says: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Except convincing your girlfriend to let you build a zip-line from your bedroom loft to the fridge for midnight snacking. I get shot down on that shit EVER SINGLE TIME.

Hit the jump, watch the videos, then call it fake. No skin off my wiener.


Thanks to Daniel, who agrees a bird that sounds exactly like David Attenborough -- now THAT would be something. Something to soothe me to sleep at night!

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