PBS Website Gets Hacked, TUPAC LIVES!!!11

May 30, 2011


Because I've always suspected he was still around, somebody hacked the PBS website and put up a story about Tupac being found alive and well in a small New Zealand resort town. Pfft, and you thought he was hiding out in Central America. YOU ARE SO DUMB!

PBS NewsHour online engagement staffer Teresa Gorman has spent much of her holiday Sunday night replying to folks on Twitter, telling them the report is false and PBS has been hacked.

The Lulz Boat has claimed responsibility. Not only has it posted the "Tupac Alive" Web update to the PBS site, but on Twitter it posted information for staffers, the PBS network, and password info for PBS stations.

According to Secure Business Intelligence, LulzSec has attacked several high-profile organizations in the last month, although it is known to hack for "entertainment and infamy," rather than financial gain.

Wait -- so is he still alive or not? Because if I start spreading this and it turns out he's actually dead I'm gonna look mighty stupid. Ha, did I say stupid? I meant dashing. *struttin' that ass*

PBS Hacked, Claims 'Tupac Alive' In New Zealand [huffingtonpost]

Thanks to Ed, who doesn't care if the story's fake just as long as Biggie's still out there.

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