'Outside Aperture', Impressive Portal Fan Film (w/ Bonus Portal Performance Piece!)

May 31, 2011


'Outside Aperture' is a 8-minute Portal fan film. It's really good. Like the muffins my elderly neighbor used to bake and bring over before I found out she made them with kitty litter (I thought they were pistachio bits!). I don't really want to ruin anything for you, so just hit the jump and watch it. Oh -- and nobody cares if you think Chell's hot and you'd do her, she wouldn't touch you with a ten-foot Portal gun. "Oh yeah? What if I left a trail of cake to lure her into my bed?" Ha, you'll probably catch a me. HOPE YOU LIKE SNUGGLING, BRO.

Hit the jump for the very worthwhile short, along with a live-action performance piece of Portal performed at the recent Fanime convention.


Thanks to Craig, Suarga, elen, Mark, Florence, Cameron and rabiez, who all claim to have seen people get stuck in portal holes before. Okay now that's terrifying.

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