Obi-Wan Kenofriendsofmine!: Jedi A-Holes

May 31, 2011


This is the second installment of Freddie Wong's 'Jedi A-holes', appropriately titled 'Jedi A-Holes Strike Back'. Get it? Just like the Star Wars sequel! You might not have picked up on that but I've been complimented for my astuteness on several different occasions. Mostly by my mom who knows I have self-esteem issues. Anyway, if you didn't see the first one (also posted after the jump), this one's got more of the same -- two Jedis running around town being a-holes. I especially liked the part where dude Force-moved the moon to make the tide come in and soak that chick on the beach. Still, a little nip or a shark attack wouldn't have killed anybody. Huh? Right, besides her. Make sure to check out the videos if you're into Jedis or Freddie's visual effects. Me? I'm into both. Read: this is not a lightsaber in my pocket (it's a dildo).

Hit the jump for both short but worthwhile videos.


Thanks to kipperdoo, Elizabeth, balls (nice) and Seth, who actually know Jedi B-holes. Hoho -- didn't make the A-list cut, huh?

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