Nooooooo, That's Not Creepy As All #@$%: Weaponized Human Mannequin Sculptures

May 13, 2011


Fan Xiaoyan is a 27-year old Chinese artist who creates some of the creepiest shit my eyes have ever had the unfortunate displeasure of witnessing. They basically combine the horror of chrome-plated Decepticons with the frightfulness of nude mannequins. What? The female form makes me squeamish!

Of her work, Fan says it represents "the arrival of a new era, a new kind of human being, a new power, a new sen­sa­tion... a sur­re­al­is­tic vir­tual world in which men and women are equal." That is a nice thought, but I prefer to interpret them as literal predictions of how humans could look in the future.

A "surrealistic virtual world in which men and women are equal?" Um, last time I checked I didn't have tank treads or a crossbow leg. I'm pretty sure that would put me at a distinct disadvantage. "But GW -- what about your laser peen?" GAAAAAH -- YOU JUST GAVE AWAY MY SECRET WEAPON!

Hit the jump for four more, equally disturbing pieces of 'burn it with fire'.





Fan Xiaoyan's Work on Look In Art (NSFW, unblurred mannequin nips)
Half Woman, Half Machine, All Disturbing: The Scupltures Of Fan Xiaoyan [gammasquad]

Thanks to Karen, who actually mentioned wanting a pick-axe leg. YOU'RE SICK!

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