Needles!: Beautiful High-Speed Video Of Girl Getting Alice In Wonderland Tattoo Sleeve

May 11, 2011


This is an artistic video of a girl getting work done on her Alice in Wonderland themed tattoo sleeve shot with a high shutter speed by Christopher Chandroo (who also made the song that's playing, 'Dedicated to the National Trust'). Typically needles make me squeamish (because I'm a giant sissy) but they don't really focus on the actual needling too much. Which is good because I would have straight up fainted out of my office chair and had a head-butting contest with the floor if it did. "Damn, you really are a pansy." Pansy?! I'M A PASSIONFLOWER AND YOU KNOW IT, STINKWEED!

Hit the jump for the video.


Thanks to jackrabbit, not to be confused with the white rabbit, who carries a pocket-watch and cares way too much about being on time. YOU'RE A F***ING RABBIT -- JUST EAT SOME GRASS AND SHIT LITTLE PELLETS EVERYWHERE.

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