MUST HAVE: Guy Makes Fully Functional Hidden Blade From Assassin's Creed

May 8, 2011


This is a video of a guy who made a fully functional replica of Ezio's hidden blade from Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. It's activated by a ring worn on the finger and locks into place once extended, but retracts with another twitch of the finger. Obviously, I must have one. No -- two. Plus Wolverine claws (I live in a really bad part of town).

Based on a dual action Out The Front (OTF) Mechanism with a ring driven ratcheting pulley system to index the OTF Mech.

Blade locks in both the extended and retracted positions and can be extended and retracted regardless of arm orientation (no gravity/arm shake required).

You just have to see it in action, it's amazing. What's not amazing is guy's camerawork, which doesn't do the blade anywhere near the justice it deserves. You made a functional hidden blade, now make a f***ing tripod. Amirite guys? High-five! *SNIKT* Haha, you're right-handed anyways.

Hit the jump for the blade (which is actually plastic because that's how good dude is at assassinations) in action.

This Guy Built a Working Assassin's Creed Hidden Blade [kotaku]

Thanks to Jason, who's never performed an assassination with a hidden blade before but did clear a room out once with a silent but violent fart and will probably never send me another tip.

  • Darin Honeycutt

    So Far this is the best full functioning Assassins Blade with dual action I have seen on the net. Love the pulley mechanism idea. Im Also in the middle of designing my own at the moment utilizing a dual force compression springs.

  • Cody Hughes

    tried it doesn't work

  • Sambo989

    where do i buy?

  • Sleepy99

    I'm interested in buying 2. plz contact me at

  • Abdelrahman Ebrahim

    can i buy one

  • dude123

    IM SORRY IF i seemed like a begging serial killler but i am a assassins creed fan and for a reasonable price ill most likely buy it from you.
    also when are you gonna say something in the comments?

  • dude123

    could i buy it from you i need one.
    also how many have you created?

  • thearcheing2

    This is dumb. You all know how ezio used his without a ring and just a flick of the wrist? Leonardo Da Vinci used a pressure plate using Altair's codex pages as a reference. Try making that.

  • Quentin Midnight

    shut up and take my money!

  • Konrad Trojakowski

    I really like this project you are very skilled person. I have designed and tested my mechanism but I need a locking mechanism ( and I am not one of those lazy people that just want plans) but can you help me with the lock mechanism I just can't figure it out. I think to where I got with the design is quiet far ( at the time of the idea of the design I was 12 that's quiet skillfull for my age). Don't give full plans to anyone your saving a lot of people from injuring themselves and others if not saving LIVES.

  • tricky613

    two very tinny springs on both sides of each lock. let me know if this fits your design.

  • Joseph

    Are you willing to sell one? im willing to pay. it could be unsharpened or sharpened dosent matter to me.

  • JohnAlverate

    where can i buy this?!

  • Seth Kuzbel

    he also says on the video himself he used a 3d printer to make it

  • Seth Kuzbel

    just so you guys know they make cosplay hissen blades i mean its the same thing plastic im planning on making a real one out of mouse trap springs to shoot it out n tension springs to retract it my problem is the locking mechanism

  • really?!

    And use proper English!! If you can't spell a five letter word right, why do you need a concealable weapon that is illegal in most if not all states?

  • really?!

    Not to be rude... but you guys are idiots. If he didn't make a tutorial after 25 of you asked, he probably wont do it at all. Why don't you get up off of your lazy asses and figure out how to make one on your own, insteat of trying to leech off of his ingenuity. Most of you are probably like 15 and couldn't make one with even the most detailed bluprints ever. And most all of you DON'T NEED A HIDDEN KNIFE. I'm an avid knife collector myself, and as amazing as this is... why would you need one? To put on your shelf to collect dust? Or how about defending from a zombie apocalypse? If you really want one, grow a brain and figure it out!

  • Dương Tiến

    true , i have figured it out , it really easy . when i see guys in youtube keep open thier mouth try to buy it , that make me so funny

  • BuilderofEpicness

    Not bad, but I built a better one with a full metal double length sword blade with poly-carbon steel construction. It also has a magnetic rack for the ring so you can just remove the ring when you're done using it.

  • i have been looking for a hidden blade EXACTLY like this one for SOOOO long and i thought i was never gonna find one so i was gonna buy the one how you have to push the button which would totally ruin the coolness of a hidden blade so i thought no ill keep looking for one and i found this one. i have a little idea on how it works but i still cant figure it out

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