MEGA PEWS, MEGA'ER FUN: FPSRussia Guy Shooting Fully Auto 40mm Machine Gun

May 24, 2011


The FPSRussia guy is back, this time shooting a rooty tooty fresh'n fruity fully automatic 40mm machine gun. On a 1-to-10 scale of pews, this thing is like a 14. Which, not to brag or anything, is the same age I saw my first tit. Sure it was scrambled on Cinemax and I'm pretty sure the kid whose slumber party I was at was masturbating in his sleeping bag, but hey -- as long as he was staring at one of our other friends and not me IT'S ALL PIZZA AND MOUNTAIN DEW IN MY BOOK, BABY.

Hit the jump for the gun in action, then hit the link to his Youtube channel for like forty billion other gun demos.


Thanks to zane and Christopher, who both claim to have shot bigger guns but I'm pretty sure they were trying to reference their penises which I'm 400% confident is a sad, sad lie. Keep those tips coming, guys!

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