Man Builds Plane In Basement, Has To Dig Up Yard And Destroy Wall To Get It Out

May 30, 2011


Just like THIS GUY who did the same thing with a Lamborghini, Dan Reeves spent nine years building a RV-7A airplane kit in his basement. Theeeeeen had a contractor dig up his yard and remove a basement wall to pull it out. Why? Because his wife is a dream-crusher, that's why.

To be fair, Dan only really wanted to build the thing, then install a glass floor in the living room so he could admire his handywork from above. Unfortunately his wife nixed that idea, so out it came.

OMG -- A GLASS FLOORED LIVING ROOM WITH A PLANE BENEATH?! That would have been the shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Well, provided the basement isn't all junky looking. Or have a grown son living in it with a penchant for playing duck duck wiener. *ahem* Me. Wait...

Hit the jump for a video news report, because this is news somewhere (I posted it, didn't I?)

Man builds plane in basement, demolishes wall to get it out [dvice]

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