Magic Missiles Needles: A Harry Potter Quilt

May 25, 2011


Note: Slightly larger version HERE in case you're into deets (that's slang for details).

This is a "paper-pieced" Harry Potter quilt thrown SEWN together by Jennifer Offenstein (NOT Castle Wolfenstein). As you might be able to see, it was hand-crafted with a love for the series and, I dunno, maybe even a little magic. Jk, jk -- we'd have to burn her for being a witch.

This quilt is more just a million bits of fabric stitched together. It represents all the years I've loved Harry Potter and some of my favorite things about the series. It has brought me friends, and fans, and brought more quilters that I can count into the wonderful world of paper piecing.

*wiping tear* Sorry -- it's just that arts & crafts stories always get to me. Oooooor I was plucking nose hairs and writing Geekologie at the same time. Which one was it? The world may never know! SPOILER: Now my nose is bleeding.

Harry Potter Paper Piecing (with a ton more info, plus patterns!!!!!11)
Kickass Quilt of the Day []

Thanks to Denise, not to be confused with Denny's, which is where I'm usually puking around 4AM. And to rose, who just made her own by stapling a bunch of Harry Potter dust jackets to an afghan.

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