Looks Tiring: A Never-Ending Climbing Rope

May 12, 2011


The Mt EverClimb (I see what you did there and I'm not impressed) Continuous Climbing Rope is exactly what it sounds like: an exercise climbing rope with no end. How do you know when you're done? When your hand gets sucked up into the machine and mangled. The piece of shit gym equipment costs a staggering $8,000 -- which seems a little steep for something I've already figured out how works on the inside (a little person on a stationary bicycle hooked up to a bunch of pulleys and levers). Of course, I'm just being spiteful because my arms aren't strong enough to allow me to hang from a rope, let alone climb one. "But I thought you were a pirate!" Oh I'm a pirate alright. "A butt one?" *wink*

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Exercise Machine of the Day [geeks.thedailywh.at]

Thanks to Mark, who agrees a fireman's pole you can slide down forever would be infinitely(!) cooler. No shit it would be!

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