LOLWUT?: Eye Of Sauron/Saruman Cosplay

May 18, 2011


I've never seen any Eye of Sauron cosplay before, and now I can see why: that shit's not easy to pull off. Thankfully, Captain Flameface here was up to the challenge. Not gonna lie, I thought he was the Cowardly Lion at first. Also, Saruman looks like she's ten, tops.

UPDATE: I actually managed to find some other Eye of Sauron cosplay shots and added them after the jump. They're, uh, even worse. "Impossible!" Ha, just wait.



LOTR Cosplay of the Day []
Sauron's Eye [cosplay]
Eye of Sauron Costume from LOTR [mydisguises]

Thanks to Jesse and dink, who considered making ears and nose of Sauron costumes one Halloween before opting for Mr. Potato Head parts instead. I call the mouth!

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