Lil Star Wars Characters (Now With ∞ Percent More BONUS Office Supply X-Wing Fighter!)

May 17, 2011


Note: Slightly larger version HERE in case you're a firm believer in there being such a thing as too small. Hey -- f*** you, all my ex's!

This is a whole bunch (65) of lil Star Wars characters drawn by artist mikeydoodles. Me? GWpiddles. Mikey plans on doing at least 100 and then maybe offering a poster or print for sale behind Lucas's back. DOOOOOOO IT! And let me know if you need for me to distract him -- I've got just the thing. Read: pitching the idea of re-releasing the original trilogy with the cast replaced entirely by CG versions of themselves. He'll lap that shit up like a dog does its own puke! (spot-on analogy FTW)

Hit the jump for a bonus closeup of six other characters by mikey, as well as a picture of a x-wing fighter made out of office supplies and a link to the Instructable so you can make your own! Productivity is for people who feel like they get paid fair!



mikeydoodles' blog
X-Wing Fighter from Office Supplies [instructables]

Thanks to R-Man BOSSK and bo, who prefer Star Trek arts & crafts. And to Brittany, who fashioned my heart out of construction paper and stole it. IT'S TRUE -- SHE DID THAT.

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