Hating You Forever: Let Your Unborn Baby Pick Its Own Name With An iPhone App

May 27, 2011


Damn girl, your virgin bars are off the chart -- sounds like a Mother Mary situation!

Kick to Pick, which is probably the worst name for an app that has anything to do with babies, is a $1 iPhone application that allows your unborn child to pick its own name with a simple kick from inside the mother's stomach. *getting queasy* "Morning sickness?" God, I hope not.

The app includes a database of thousands of gender-specific names which you can narrow down if you prefer by creating a favorites list. You then place your iPhone on your baby bump and the app will move through the list, presumably reading off the names one-by-one, until the built-in accelerometer detects that your child has provided some kind of physical feedback.

Oh man, just wait till your child finds out how it was named. They are gonna hate you FOREEEEEEEVER. I'm talking run away from home to become a stripper/drug dealer kind of hate. No, I'd recommend saving yourself $1 (and lifetime of misery) and do what I do: use the name of the city the kid was conceived in. Back me up here, Panama City Beach 2!

Official Site
Letting Your Unborn Fetus Choose Its Own Name? - There's An App For That [ohgizmo]

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