Just In Time For My Big Solo!: Geekologie Reader's Mind-Controlled Guitar Strummer

May 11, 2011


Geekologie Reader Richard combined a magnetic-wave reading headset and a fan motor with a pick attached to "strum" a guitar at variable speeds based on how hard he's concentrating. I SAID 'ARE YOU READY TO ROCK'?! *wails on imaginary whammy-bar till it breaks off*

the head set picks up magnetic waves from your brain, and detects how hard you are concentrating on playing the guitar. then wirelessly transmits the signal to a fan motor with a guitar pick attached to it. the harder you concentrated the faster it strums. also the 5 LEDs on the side display the "level" of concentration to help visualize

See? I wasn't lying. Unfortunately, it sounds like the thing operates in the 1,000-4,000RPM range, which is a little fast by today's musical standards, even for that really heavy metal. Still, I think the concept holds some promise. Namely, me attaching a similar system to one of those foam-bladed electronic hand fans to make an automatic male pleasurer. *putting on headset, jamming fan down pants* Well -- here goes nothing!


Okay this is starting to hurt. Aaaaaaaaaand my pants are on fire. Success? One badly bruised and burnt wiener says so! "No I didn't." *concentrating even harder* WHAT DID YOU SAY?! "Gaaaaaaaaah!!" That's the stuff.

Hit the jump for the video (which looks suspiciously like Richard falling asleep sitting up), but you don't need to watch much to the get idea. Or any really.


Thanks Richard, who's seen the future of music. Which, SPOILER: robotic jam bands. SONOFA!

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