Improvised Ammo Chess Set In Afghanistan

May 5, 2011


, a game best known for ending with me sweeping all the pieces off the board and threatening to stab my opponent, is played worldwide. Including while at war in Afghanistan. But what do you do if you're stationed there and don't have a set? "Make one out of dead spiders and scorpions?" JESUS, NO!

Unless I miss my guesses, the queens are .50 BMG rounds, the kings .50 BMG casings, the rooks 40mm grenade casings, the bishops 7.62mm rounds, the knights taped 7.62mm casings, and the pawns 5.56mm casings. And it looks like the bases are water-bottle caps.

Personally, I would have opted for .30-06 Springfield rounds for the bishops, but who am I to judge? I'm just a grandmaster man who prefers Connect Four.

Marine's Field-Improvised Chess Set From Afghanistan [make]

Thanks to Paul, who once made a Chinese checkers set out of the testes of his enemies. HOLY SHIT!

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