I'm Vomiting Already: Gummi Shot Glasses

May 26, 2011


I'm. Puking. RAINBOOOOWS!! Aaaaaaaaand Pad Thai.

You wanna know what goes well with a shot? Another one. Like socks and knockers, shots are always best in pairs. Although truthfully, I wouldn't shy away from three nips. Come on -- you alien guys know what I'm talkin' about! *high-seven*

Gummy Shot Glasses are absolutely delicious. Not only will they add a hint of flavor to the liquid in your shot, but then you can just eat the evidence (so to speak). Each pack of Gummy Shot Glasses has 6 shot glasses (2 of each of 3 flavors)...And hey, if you don't feel like drinking, Gummy Shot Glasses make a delicious snack all by themselves. Bottoms up!

There's a worthwhile ThinkGeek product demo after the jump of a guy getting shitcanned in his kitchen with nobody but a cameraman (just like me!), but it doesn't really make the glasses look too appetizing. Six shots will set you back $15, which is the same price as a crappy fifth -- you do the math. Then, count up all this change and tell me if I have enough for a bottle.

Hit the jump for the demo and a link to ThinkGeek's product site.

ThinkGeek Product Site

Thanks to Sharon, who made shot glasses out of Jello shots once BECAUSE SHE'S A CERTIFIABLE GENIUS OMG GET MENSA ON THE PHONE.

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