I'll Eat Your Ass!: The Stay Puft S'more Man

May 14, 2011


If it's anything like Peeps ass, I'm in for a treat!

Note: Worthwhile high-res version with four pics HERE.

This is the Michelin Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (of Ghostbusters fame, derder!) stuck between a rock and a hard place piece of chocolate and graham cracker. Unfortunately, he's not really edible, as everything's made entirely out of modeling clay. "That's never stopped me before!" Ha, me neither. They actually made me pay double lab fees for the pottery course I took in college because I was eating like two pounds a week. God, don't even get me started on the glaze. Like Betty Crocker icing.

S'more Puft [reddit]
Stay-Puft Man Trapped In A S'More [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Chloe, who has the same name as my dog. You must be thrilled about that.

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