IKEA Assembly Manuals For Sci-Fi Devices

May 9, 2011


Ever assembled anything from IKEA using the instructions? I haven't, I throw them away like a real man only buy scratch & dent/opened packages to save a buck because I'm cheap. But maybe you have. And, if so, you're probably familiar with the look of these things. Created by College Humor, this one here is how to assemble a litsabbur, but there's worthwhile Djiloriann, Tjardiis and dindasür (DeLorean, TARDIS and dinosaur) ones after the jump. "DAMMIT, I ALREADY TOLD YOU, I DON'T NEED INSTRUCTIONS." Haha, is that why your coffee table has three legs? "FAULTY MATERIALS!" What about the entertainment stand with crooked shelves? "POOR CRAFTSMANSHIP!" And how your girlfriend got pregnant? "You're not supposed to poke holes in a condom to let it breathe?!"

Hit the jump for the other three.




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